Friday April 15th

Session I: 1:00-5:15        
          1:00-1:15          Welcome and Introductory Remarks
                                   by Laura Anne Lowery and Jesse Mager
          Chair:               Cathy Savage-Dunn, Queens College at CUNY, Professor

          1:15-1:35          David Matus, Stony Brook University, Assistant Professor
                                         Cell cycle regulation of morphogenetic behavior: Insights from nematode uterine-vulval

          1:35-1:50          Pooja Flora, University at Albany, SUNY, Graduate Student
Passing the baton: Sequential translational regulation of a germline RNA by temporally
                                         restricted translational repressors

          1:50-2:05          Patrick Gordon, Neural Stem Cell Institute, Post Doc
                                         Temporal Dynamics of Stau2 Cargo During Cortical Neurogenesis

          2:05-2:20          Fast Track Talks
Katrin Henke, Harvard Medical School, Post Doc
                                         Utilization of zebrafish mutants to understand development and dismorphology of the
                                         adult skull

                                   Sasha Clapp, Smith College, Undergraduate Student
                                         An investigation of the role of Meteorin during radial glia development: Modeling an ASD-
                                         associated gene in Zebrafish

                                   Lizette Flores, Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY,
                                   Undergraduate Student
                                         Functions of CLIC Proteins in Heat Stress in C. elegans

                                   Kara DeSantis, University at Albany, SUNY, Graduate Student
                                         Reciprocal Control of Cytokeratin 5-Positive Progenitor Cells by Retinoic Acid Receptor

          2:20-2:40          Lynn Cooley, Yale University, Professor        
Leveraging the actin cytoskeleton to make giant germline ring canals        
          2:40-3:15          Coffee Break

          Chair:               Jennifer Fish, UMASS Lowell, Assistant Professor

          3:15-3:35          Mark Johnson, Brown University, Associate Professor        
The Molecular Dialogue Between the Pollen Tube and the Pistil

          3:35-3:50         Burcu Erdogan, Boston College, Graduate Student
                                        Regulation of microtubule plus-end dynamics by TACC3 during axon outgrowth and

          3:50-4:05         Alessia Deglincerti, Rockefeller, Post Doc
                                        Self-organization of the in vitro attached human embryo

          4:05-4:25          Fast Track Talks

                                   Samuel Endicott, Yale University, Graduate Student
                                        The nucleoporin Nup98 sets the size-exclusion limit for diffusion of soluble molecules into
                                        the cilium

                                   Catherine Donlon, Tufts University, Undergraduate Student
                                        Sertraline's Developmental, Behavioral, and Next Generation Effects in Drosophila

                                   Paolo Forni, University at Albany, SUNY, Assistant Professor
                                        The transcriptional factor Ap2e defines the terminal differentiation of the basal
                                        vomeronasal sensory neurons

                                   Hana Goto, Stony Brook University, Graduate Student
                                        Distinct molecular mechanisms of mesoderm induction by FGF signaling between
                                        gastrula and post-gastrula stage development

          4:25-4:45          Alicia Ebert, University of Vermont, Assistant Professor
                                         A "per-Plexin" role for guidance molecules in zebrafish eye development

          4:45-5:15          Coffee Break
Keynote Address: 5:15-6:20                
                                   Claude Desplan, New York University, Professor        
                                         Evolution of color and motion vision        

Dinner: 6:30-7:30

Student/Postdoc Discussion on Involvement with SDB: 7:30-8:00
session led by Vivian Irish, Yale University, Professor,
          and Northeast Representative to SDB
Poster Session And Mixer: 8:00-10:00

Saturday April 16th

Breakfast: 7:00-8:30

Session II: 9:00-12:00

          Chair:                Catherine McCusker, UMASS Boston, Assistant Professor        

          9:00-9:20          Heidi Stuhlmann, Cornell University, Professor
                                         EGFL7 and miR-126: Novel Players in Placental Development and Disease

          9:20-9:35          Daniel McIntyre, NYU Medical Center, Post Doc
                                         Primordial germ cell survival depends on contact with the somatic gonad in the C elegans

          9:35-9:50          Nicholas Legendre, University of Connecticut, Graduate Student
                                         A Single Allele of MyoD or Myf5 is Necessary for Adult Myogenesis        

          9:50-10:05        Sarah McMenamin, UMass Lowell, Assistant Professor
                                         Thyroid hormone coordinates multiple aspects of post-embryonic development in

          10:05-10:30      Coffee Break

          Chair:                David Matus, Stony Brook, Assistant Professor

          10:30-10:50      Eric Folker, Boston College, Assistant Professor        
Mechanisms and functions of myonuclear movement

          10:50-11:05      Kaitlyn Webster, UMass Boston, Graduate Student
                                         Dmrt1 is necessary for male sexual development in zebrafish

          11:05-11:20      Susan Gerbi, Brown University, Professor
                                         A new toolbox for the fly Sciara - a new/old model system

          11:20-11:35      Corinna Singleman, CUNY Graduate Center, Graduate Student
                                         Understanding how PCB toxins cause heart defects early in fish development

          11:35-11:55      Hazel Sive, MIT, Professor
The Biology of Holes
Lunch: 12:00-1:00: Teaching tables
          Table 1: PhD to Postdoc Transition (mentoring)
          Table 2: Postdoc to Asst. Prof Transition (mentoring)
          Table 3-7: Specific Model Systems - pros/cons resources discussion

Session III: 1:00-5:00

          Chair:                Paolo Forni, University at Albany, SUNY

          1:00-1:20          Gary Wessel, Brown University, Professor        
                                         The precocious germ line plays the waiting game

          1:20-1:35          Tom Hiscock, Harvard Medical School, Graduate Student
                                         Using mathematics to distinguish between the many models for periodic patterning

          1:35-1:50          Sarah Edie, The Jackson Laboratory, Post Doc
                                         Novelty in the Embryonic Lethal Knockout Mouse Project

          1:50-2:05          James Clark, CUNY Graduate Center, Graduate Student
                                         The Interplay of DBL-1/BMP and DAF-2/Insulin Signaling in C. elegans

          2:05-2:20          Fast Track Talks

                                   Jennifer Urban, Brown University, Graduate Student
                                        Drosophila CLAMP is a key regulator of dosage compensation in males and sex
                                        determination in females

                                   Megan Norris, Harvard Medical School, Graduate Student
                                         Toddler signaling is required for mesodermal migration during gastrulation

                                   Theadora Tolkin, New York University, Graduate Student
                                         Rewiring of an ancestral Tbx1/10-Ebf-Mrf network for pharyngeal muscle specification in
                                         distinct embryonic lineages

          2:20-2:40          Madelaine Bartlett, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Assistant Professor
                                         Organ Identity and Organ Boundaries in Floral Development

          2:40-3:00          Coffee Break

          Chair:               James Monaghan, Northeastern University, Assistant Professor

          3:00-3:20          Leif Oxburgh, Maine Medical Center, Associate Professor
                                         Macrophages provide a compensatory response to loss of progenitor cells in the
                                         developing kidney

          3:20-3:40          Fast Track Talks

                                   Nandor Nagy, Harvard Medical School, Postdoc
                                        Essential role of epithelial-mesenchymal interactions in enteric nervous system

                                   Ketan Mathavan, UMASS, Amherst, Graduate Student
                                        Determining the Role of Cadherin-11 Cleavage in Cranial Neural Crest Migration

                                   Robert Thorn, Brown University, Graduate Student
                                        Differing Roles for Calcineurin Regulatory Subunits in Zebrafish Brain Development

          3:40-3:55          Helene Cousin, UMass Amherst, Assistant Professor
                                         Role of Lbh during craniofacial development of vertebrates
Education Session:
4:00 - 4:45
                                   Michael Barresi
, Smith College
From the Deepwater Horizon to the puzzle of autism spectrum disorder, Course-
                                         based Research Experiences merge research and teaching for deep learning and
                                         novel scholarship
4:45-5:15          Coffee Break

Keynote Address: 5:15-6:15
                                   Jeanne Lawrence
, UMASS Medical School, Professor
RNA Shapes the Epigenome: Implications from the Silencing of Trisomy 21 to a Potential
                                         Role "Junk" DNA

Dinner: 6:30-7:30

Poster Session And Mixer: 8:00-10:00

Sunday April 17th

Breakfast: 7:00-8:30

Session IV: 9:00-12:00         
          Chair:               Kim Tremblay, UMass Amherst

          9:00-9:20          Kelly McLaughlin
           Beyond the beating heart: endogenous bioelectrical networks mediate
                                         cardiac morphogenesis

          9:20-9:35          Felipe Karam Teixeira, Skirball Institute, Post Doc
                                         Regulation of ribosome biogenesis and protein synthesis controls germline stem cell
                                         differentiation in Drosophila

          9:35-9:50          Catherine McCusker, UMass Boston, Assistant Professor
                                         Cartilage and bone cells do not participate in skeletal regeneration in Ambystoma
                                         mexicanum limbs

          9:50-10:10        Wolfram Goessling, Harvard Medical School, Professor
                                         Estrogen regulation of hepatic growth

          10:10-10:40      Coffee Break

          10:40-10:55      Brad Davidson, Swarthmore College, Assistant Professor
                                         Mitotic membrane trafficking drives differential heart progenitor induction

          10:55-11:10      James Monaghan, Northeastern University, Assistant Professor
                                         Retinoic acid receptor regulation of epimorphic and homeostatic limb regeneration

          11:10-11:30      Business Meeting

Student and Postdoc Presentation Awards: 11:30-11:45  

Boxed Lunch: Noon