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Funding for this research has been provided by
 Boston College, American Cancer Society, March of Dimes,
 the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

December 7, 2013: The lab gives a bittersweet farewell to our first Lab Manager, Alina Stout.  Alina did a fantastic job helping the lab set up in the Fall, and now she moves on to a new experience while she finishes her BS in Biology at Northeastern.  

November 21, 2013
: The final paper from Laura Anne's post-doc work at Harvard (on the growth cone-specific roles of microtubule polymerase XMAP215) has been accepted for publication.  Congrats to Laura Anne, Anna, and Alina!

November 7, 2013
: The lab is the second place winner in the American Society for Cell Biology 2013 "We Are Research" Lab Photo Competition!  See here or here for the competition details.  Our winning photo is posted in the "Photos" page.  Thanks to Biology grad students Beth Bearce and Burcu Erdogan for the award-winning ideas, and to Adam Jenkins for taking the photo.

November 4, 2013
: The Lowery Lab welcomes Anna Faris, our new Research Technician!

September 25, 2013
: The lab welcomes BC undergrads Charlie Baker and Matt Evans!

September 11, 2013
: The lab welcomes BC undergrad Patrick Ebbert!

September 9, 2013
: The Lowery Lab welcomes Belinda Nwagbara, our Research Project Manager!  We are also excited to have two Biology graduate students rotate with us, Beth Bearce and Burcu Erdogan.  

September 6, 2013
: Our frog system is installed...frogs will be following in a few weeks.

September - December 2013
: Dr. Lowery is teaching a graduate seminar, "Topics in Developmental Neurobiology".

August 5, 2013
: The Lowery Lab welcomes Tiffany Enzenbacher, our new Lab Manager!

July 2013
: The Lowery Lab unofficially opens its doors and starts ordering supplies and equipment, with the wonderful help of Alina and Sal.
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