Laura Anne Lowery, PhD
Principal Investigator

Laura Anne grew up in the San Fernando Valley outside of Los Angeles. She discovered her love of academia and biomedical research while an undergrad at the University of California, San Diego. In the lab of Dr. Bill Schafer, she studied the neural circuitry underlying worm egg-laying behavior. In 2008, Laura Anne received her PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working in the lab of Dr. Hazel Sive at the Whitehead Institute, where she pioneered research studying early brain ventricle morphogenesis. Laura Anne then did post-doctoral research in the Department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School, in the labs of Dr. David Van Vactor and Dr. Gaudenz Danuser, where she became fascinated by the inner workings of the neuronal growth cone.
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Beth Bearce
PhD student

Beth grew up in the Midwest, and received her BS in Nutritional Science at the University of Missouri. After gaining an interest in neurobiology initially with respect to feeding behaviors, she began work as a research technician, studying neurophysiology of aging and neurodegenerative disease. There, she developed an avid fascination for all things axonal! She joined BC's Graduate Biology program in the fall of 2013. When she's not driving the beautiful new microscope, she's outside playing with her dog, Molly.
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Burcu is originally from Istanbul, Turkey. As an undergraduate at Yeditepe University, she worked in Dr. Isil Askan Kurnaz's Molecular Neuroscience Lab and graduated with a BS in Genetics and Bioengineering in 2010. She pursued a MS in the same lab under the Biotechnology program, and there, she researched the identification of gene targets, particularly the ones involved in neuronal differentiation for the ETS family of transcription factor, Pea3. In the lab of Dr. Larry Benowitz at the F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center in Boston Children's Hopsital, Burcu studied optic nerve regeneration in mice from September 2012 to August 2013 as a research student. Now, she is pursuing her dream in neuroscience as a PhD student in the Lowery Lab at BC.
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Burcu Erdogan
PhD student

Aleksandra Ostojic
Laboratory Manager

Aleksandra recieved her BA in Biology from Boston University in 2010. After spending a few years in the field of connectomics at MIT, Aleksandra excitedly joined the Lowery Lab team in August 2014 as a laboratory manager. Her future plans include narrowing down her research interests and continuing her education in graduate school.
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Garrett Cammarata
PhD student

Garrett grew up right outside of Boston, MA. He received his B.S. in Biology at Providence College, Rhode Island in 2014, where he spent his undergraduate career researching cancer signaling pathways in melanoma and ovarian cancer. Next, he joined the Biology Department at Boston College in the Fall of 2014, where he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. Furthering his love for cellular biology and microscopy, Garrett joined the Lowery Lab, where he is studying the role microtubules play in developing neurons.
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Sangmook Lee
Senior Research Associate

Sangmook is originally from Seoul, Korea.  He received his PhD from University of Massachusetts Lowell, studying neuronal cytoskeleton proteins and neurodegenerative diseases in the lab of Dr. Garth Hall.  He then did post-doctoral research on SOD1 mutation and ALS in the Department of Neurology at UMass medical school in Worcester, in the lab of Dr. Lawrence Hayward.  He returned to UMass Lowell and worked as a research professor in the Center for Cellular Neurobiology & Neurobiology with Dr. Thomas Shea.  He joined the Lowery Lab in June 2016.
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Paula Slater
Postdoctoral Researcher

Paula is originally from Santiago, Chile. She began working in the lab of Dr. Nibaldo Inestrosa as an undergrad at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), studying the effects of Wnt signaling in neuronal polarization of rat cultured hippocampal neurons. There, she discovered her love for neuronal development, specifically axonal changes. She then received her PhD, also from PUC, studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the relationship between stress and addiction in the lab of Dra. Katia Gysling. She joined the Lowery Lab as a postdoctoral researcher in September 2016

The Lowery Lab
Biology Department at Boston College
Micaela Lasser
PhD student

Micaela is originally from the great mitten state of Michigan, and received her BS in psychology at Michigan State University (Go Green!). As an undergraduate, she became interested in neuroscience and worked in Dr. Alex Johnson's lab studying addiction and feeding behaviors. She then packed up and moved to the cheesesteak city of Philadelphia to get her masters degree in Biotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania. There, she worked in Dr. Kelly Jordan-Sciutto's lab studying HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders. Finally, she packed up again and moved to Boston where she joined BC's Biology graduate program in the Fall of 2016.
Funding for this research has been provided by
 Boston College, American Cancer Society, March of Dimes,
 the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.