Laurel Eisenhauer, RN, PhD, FAAN

Professor of Nursing

Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Boston College School of Nursing

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 02460-3812 USA

Phone: 617-552-4279

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Pharmacology/Drug Therapy

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Pharmacology Cases

CaseStudy I This case presents some patient information relative to the assessment and drug therapy. Links to further explanations are rpovided. The student may want to think about possible significance of the item before clicking on it to obtain an explanation. The case intentionally has some missing data which hopefully the student will recognize as relevant.An analysis of the case is found at the end of the case.

Case Study II: This presentsthe same case and analysis as Case I. howver the format is different: the analysis is in the column beside the data rather than at the end of the case.


Case Study I


Case Study Version II (table format)




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