Lauren C. Anderson

Lab Director: Gorica D. Petrovich, PhD


My graduate research at Boston College is focused on the neural circuitry of appetitive Pavlovian renewal in male and female rats. In my master's thesis, "Behavioral and Neural Sex Differences in Context-Dependent Renewal of Appetitive Conditioned Responses," we established there are behavioral and neural sex differences in Pavlovian appetitive renewal. Now, I am working on determining the prefrontal cortex circuitry of context-dependent renewal of food-cue responding in male and female rats.

During my undergrad at the University of Virginia, I completed two research projects, one in Dr. Erisir’s Sensory Systems and Neuroscience laboratory and another in Dr. Teng’s Sensory Systems and Neuroscience laboratory. My initial project in the Erisir laboratory was focused on neural plasticity and aging within the visual cortex. For my Distinguished Majors Thesis, I independently planed and conducted a research project focused on cognitive and sensory decline due to aging. This thesis, "Identification of Cognitive and Sensory Decline in Aging Animals", which was awarded High Distinction and the Frank W. Finger award for Undergraduate Research Excellence.