My furry friends

I’m a huge dog fan, especially German Shepherds. My first dog was a give away.
Cody was a black and tan GSD who grew to 140lbs. He was professionally trained in
basic obedience and personal protection. He responded to verbal commands and hand signals.
Although he looked vicious he was very docile, worst he ever did was knock a kid down with his tail.

Chancey a rescue, she was an abused GSD who was malnourished when I got her,
and deathly afraid of all men. However she got along great with Cody and once she
got over her fear of men, she became a very loving dog, even though she was a 90
pound lap dog. Between her and Cody I was kept entertained and made it through some
rough patches with their help.

Cain is my most recent rescue. He came up from Tennessee back in October, 2012. He's
half German Shepherd, half Husky. He's fiercely independent and has a very high prey-drive.
He’s caught several small animals, including a squirrel and a opossum.At almost 2 years old
he weighs in at 75 pounds. His nickname is the Tasmanian Devil.


14 C Street
Belmont, MA 02478