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Dr. Leonid Nichman has received his M.Sc. degree in chemistry and materials science from the physical-chemistry department of Tel Aviv University where he studied radicals above flat flames with laser spectroscopy and used pulsed lasers for ablation and propulsion under the supervision of Prof. Sergey Cheskis and Dr. Valery Bulatov. In his further postgraduate studies in Prof. Zeev Zalevsky's group at Bar Ilan University, he used electron beam charge deposition on insulators, followed by rearrangement of deposited nanoparticles to fabricate nano-wires for devices.
Later, Dr. Nichman has been awarded a Marie Curie fellowship in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (SEAES) at the University of Manchester, where he received his PhD in cloud-microphysics under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Choularton and Prof. Martin Gallagher. In this period, Dr. Nichman took an active part in the CLOUD project at CERN.
In his career, Dr. Nichman was employed in the private sector for almost 5 years as a R&D Materials Chemist at Landa Laboratories and Landa Corporation. He was involved in many projects such as Green energy research, Printing research, Graphene Oxide production and others.
Currently, Dr. Nichman is a postdoctoral research fellow at the department of chemistry in Boston College. The group lead by Prof. Paul Davidovits, studies aerosol chemistry and physics in close collaboration with Aerodyne research Inc. and MIT.


Intercomparison study and optical asphericity measurements of small ice particles in the CERN CLOUD experiment
Nichman, L., Jarvinen, E., Dorsey, J., Connolly, P., Duplissy, J., Fuchs, C., Ignatius, K., Sengupta, K., Stratmann, F., Mohler, O., Schnaiter, M., and Gallagher, M.: Intercomparison study and optical asphericity measurements of small ice particles in the CERN CLOUD experiment, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 10, 3231-3248, https://doi.org/10.5194/amt-10-3231-2017, 2017.


The role of ions in new-particle formation in the CLOUD chamber
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Collaborative Research - BC5 Laboratory Studies of the Optical Properties and Ice Nuclei Activity of Carbonaceous Particles as a Function of Mixing State and Phase State
Nichman, L., Zhang, Y., Taehyun, L., Injae, J., Spencer, P., Bhandari, J., Massoli, P., Worsnop, D., Mazzoleni, C., Onasch, T., Davidovits, P., 19 - 23 March, ASR Science Team Meeting, Tysons, Virginia, USA, 2018.


Influence of temperature on the molecular composition of ions and charged clusters during pure biogenic nucleation
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Collaborative Aerosol Research: Laboratory Studies of the Chemical and Physical Properties of Atmospherically Relevant Secondary Organic Aerosol
Zhang, Y., Lambe, A., Nichman, L., Taehyun, L., Injae, J. Massoli, P., Williams, L., Worsnop, D., Kolb, C., Onasch, T., Davidovits, P., 13 - 17 March, ASR Science Team Meeting, Tysons, Virginia, USA, 2017.


'Why do research aircrafts chase small ice crystals in clouds?'
Nichman, L., and Gallagher, M., Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) 2016 - Proceedings, e-ISBN: 978-2- 9601724-2-3, Manchester, United Kingdom, 23 - 27 July, 2016.


Interpretation of airborne CASPOL measurements using methods developed in the CLOUD chamber
Nichman, L., Jarvinen, E., Dorsey, J., O'Shea, S., Connolly, P., Crosier, J., Gallagher, M., Proceedings of the 17th Int. Conf. on Clouds and Precipitation, ICCP, Manchester, United Kingdom, 25 - 29 July, 2016.




Ice nucleation efficiency of black carbon containing particles

Charged mediated aerosol coagulation

Ice nucleation by secondary organic aerosol particles

Glass transition measurements of atmospherically relevant compounds with broadband dielectric spectroscopy

Portable inverted diffusion miniburner characterization

Optical properties of atmospheric aerosol

This work is supported by DOE award #DE-SC0011935 , NSF award #1506768 and the Boston College undergraduate research fund



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