Leslie R. Homzie

Senior Reference Librarian, Bibliographer for History & Political Science
O'Neill Library, Room 309
Boston College

Fall 2007 Library Instruction-History

HS 300.18, Boston's New Immigrants: Johnson

Fall 2006 Library Instruction-History

HS 693.02, History Honors Seminar: Spangoli

HS 300.93, Study and Writing of History:  Britian and the Second World War

Research Seminar on 19th Century U.S. History: Kenny
HS 300: Haiti and the United States: Levenson-Estrada
HS 300.36: Race and Identity: Miller
HS 412. 01: The Crusades: Holstein
HS 415.01: Mythical Cities: Rome and Jerusalem in the Middle Ages and Renaissance: Holstein
HS 680: History and Memory in the Twentieth Century: Seraphim
HS 300.70: History of Racism: Braude

FALL 2006 Library Instruction-Political Science

PO 309: The United States Congress: Steen