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Name: Marissa A. Freitas
Electronic Mail:

I am a junior at Boston College and I am a history major. I am not that familiar with computer programming and designing but I am anxious to learn. I have my own PC but I primarily use it for email, word processing and searching the internet. I worked as a marketing intern this summer and I learned how vital computers are in the work force and how I needed to know more.


Top 10 Things I Wish My Landlord Would Fix

1. Water Pressure so that we don't have to turn the faucet in the sink on to take a shower.

2. Hot Water

3. The tile in the second shower so that nine girls are not sharing one shower.

4. Alarm System so that we can keep the man with dreadlocks from getting into our house.

5. Cracks in the Ceiling and Walls

6. Remove the broken glass from the front lawn

7. Dishwasher

8. Empty our dumpster

9. Add more electrical outlets

10. Ensure that the mice that are in the basement never make it upstairs!