Sliding is an art, plain and simple. It is the art of shifting your weight and making the board slide. You slide on a longboard for two reasons:

  1. It looks totally awesome.
  2. It is one of the only ways to stop on a longboard when going fast.

It's like Tokyo Drifts, but with skateboarding!

This young gentleman is demonstrating what is commonly refered to as a Coleman Slide, named after Cliff Coleman. In The 1970s, Cliff Coleman invented this technique so he could safely come to a stop. A Coleman Slide is a 180 degree heelside slide.

Safety gear is always recommended while doing any longboarding, but if you want to slide, you need sliding gloves. Theoretically, you could use your bare hands to slide along pavement, but theoretically, that would hurt.
I wear these in public

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