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Researchers - Thomas Schrader, Manami Shizuka

Thomas SchraderThe focus of my  research has been the development of stereodivergent strategies for the syntheses of a wide variety of isoprostane natural products and analogs in order to determine the biological role and cellular targets of these highly active biomolecules.  The total synthesis of a naturally occurring eight membered 15-F2-isoprostane library has been accomplished using rac-TBS protected 4-hydroxy cyclopentenone as the starting material.  A ring opening cross metathesis serves as a key transformation.  Reagent controlled asymmetric reactions have been employed to furnish enantiopure diastereomers fromManami Shizuka advanced racemic synthons.  These intermediates are carried on to enantiomerically pure isoprostane natural products in a parallel fashion.




15-F2-Isoprostanes Research

A stereodiversified Isoprostane Library:

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