The Bee Attitudes

Featuring: The Bee Attitudes are famous for the buzzing sound they make.
They have derived their inspiration from the nectar of many bands,
cross-pollinating with different musical styles.
Critics agree their songs are as sweet as honey.

Their goal in exploring the meadow of music resembles
the goal of bees exploring a meadow of flowers:

To not be is out of the question, so be,
to go and gather sweetness, like a bee.

While they have explored many musical styles,
their compositions have a uniqueness consistent
with one of their foundational attitudes:

Like a bee in a floral field, your mind may wander.
Can you make honey from the things you ponder?

More information is available at this site: The Bee Attitudes

The Bee Attitudes have released many musical compilations, among them:
  1. To Have or to Bee
  2. Behaved Bee Hive
  3. Bee Some Buddy
  4. Bee a Pal
  5. Bee Leaver
  6. Bee Dazzled
  7. Bee on Timing
  8. The Bards and the Bees
  9. The Bee Gees and the Bees
  10. Bohemian Rhapsody with Queen Bee