MATH 1103 Calculus II (Math/Sci majors)
Mark Reeder
Spring 2015


Tentative Course Topics 

Homework 1 

Homework 2 

Homework 3 

Homework 4 

Homework 5 

Homework 6 

Homework 7 

Homework 8 

Homework 9 

Homework 10 

Homework 11 

Juno Lecture 

Linus Lecture 

On the number e, its irrationality, and factorials  

From Wallis' formula to the Gaussian distribution and beyond  (updated April 24 2015)

Webpage for MATH1102, Fall 2014 
(including course notes and homework assignments for that course)

Heath translation of Archimedes' "Quadrature of the Parabola" 

My notes on Archimedes' "Quadrature of the Parabola" 

Newton's "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy", Book I, section 1.