Multivariable Calculus: Math 202 , Spring 2000

Syllabus (pdf)

hypercube in mathematica You can create your own view of the hypercube by copying this mathematica file. The pictures have no perspective. Rather, they show the image    of the hypercube  under your choice of a linear map from R^4 to R^2, which preserves the y and z axes.
hypercube movie
(Mac only) Download "Geometry games".


Note 1  Quadratic functions, Taylor approximation, Critical points, Second derivative test, Least squares

Pictures for Note 1

Exam 1 review, Exam 1 solutions
Note 2   Line integrals in the plane, vector fields, work integrals, conservative vector fields and independence of path
Solutions to exercises in Note 2           Extra exercises for Note 2      Pictures: Vector Fields with no flow and no flux around closed curves
Note 3      Double integrals, Area, Average, Center of Mass
Solutions to exercises in Note 3

Note 4        Gaussian Integral, Factorial function, Beta integral, Volumes of Spheres
Solutions to exercises in Note 4
Note 5        Green's Theorem, Two-dimensional Curl, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Divergence of a Vector field, Cauchy-Riemann equations, Most Interesting Vector Field, Jacobian,
                   Linear mappings, Regions bounded  by graphs.
Solutions to exercises in Note 5  Extra exercises for Notes 3,4,5
Exam 2 solutions
Note 6       Line integrals in three dimensions, three dimensional curl, parametrized surfaces, surface integrals, flux integrals, Stokes theorem, triple integrals, divergence theorem
Extra Problems for Note 6
Final Exam (with solutions)