Math 4453 Euclid's Elements
Mark Reeder
Spring 2017


Byrne Euclid (Proof by coloring)

Bodlian Euclid (Oldest existing copy of  The Elements, Greek w/English translation)

David Joyce's Euclid (The Elements with Java)

Day 1:  I.1

Day 2:  I.2   I.3   I.4

Day 3:  I.5  I.6   I.7

Day 4:  I.8  I.9   I.10   I.11  

Day 5:  I.12   I.13   I.14   I.15  

Day 6:  I.16   I.17   I.18   I.19  

Day 7:  I.20   I.21   I.22   I.23   I.24  

Day 8:  I.26   I.27   I.29   I.30  

Day 9:  I.31   I.32   I.33   I.34   I.35  

Day 10:  I.37   I.38   I.41   I.42   I.43  

Day 11:  I.44   I.45   I.46  

Day 12:  I.47   I.48  

Day 13:  II.1   II.4   II.5  

Day 14:  II.6   II.7   II.11  

Day 15:  II.12   II.13   II.14  

Day 16:  III.1   III.2   III.3  

Day 17:  III.16   III.17   III.18   III.20  

Day 18:  III.21   III.22   III.36  

Day 19:  III.37   IV.1   IV.2   IV.4  

Day 20:  IV.6   IV.10   IV.11  

Day 21:  IV.12   IV.15   IV.16  

Day 22:  Comment: constructible Polygons

Day 23:    Vdef1-7   Vdef8-10   Vdef11-13  

Day 24:  VI.2   VI.3   VI.4  

Day 25:  VI.5   VI.6   VI.8   VI.12   VI.13  

Day 26:  X.1   X.2   X.3  

Day 27:  XII.1   XII.2  

LaTeX resources:

Mac OSX:
Get MacTeX here. Scroll down to "Trying out Tex" for demos.

: You'll need two files: The MiKTeX program, and some editor.
                  Download sites with full instructions and lots of examples can be found here.
                  Or, to obtain the files directly, get
                         1.   MiKTeX  and
                         2.  some editor, such as:  WinEdt or  TeXnicCenter.

EuclidDay1.tex (Source file for "Day 1", with instructions, to be used as a template.
Can be compiled alone, but will have no picture.)

Put this in the same folder as EuclidDay1.tex (both on Desktop is fine).
Now compile EuclidDay1.tex with "Typeset" (on a Mac) or  "PDFLatex" (PC).
You will get the proof of Prop I.1, with picture.

LaTeX manual