MT1004-07, Fall Semester 2017
Finite Probability and Applications
MWF 12.00-12.50 pm, Carney 303


Course Description:
This course is  an introduction to finite combinatorics and probability, emphasizing applications. Topics include finite sets and partitions, enumeration, probability, expectation, and random variables.
Instructor: Martin Bridgeman        Office: 547 Maloney Hall       Tel: (617)-552-3770      Email:email address
Office Hours: Monday, 1.00-2.30 pm, Wednesday 1.00-2.30, or by appointment
Prerequisites:  None
Textbook :  Finite Mathematics and Its Applications, by Goldstein, et al. (Boston College Custom Edition). 
Class website: A website has been set up for the class at This will be updated with homework assignments and other class information. 
Academic Integrity: Students are to abide by the University Policy on Academic Integrity. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves and understanding the policy. The policy is described in detail on-line at
Exams: There are two in-class midterm exams on Wednesday September 27th, and Wednesday November 8th. Class policy with regard to missing an exam (final or a midterm), or turning in an assignment late is that they are only excused by emergency medical treatment or a family emergency. In either case the student must submit a letter to the instructor either from a doctor or relative giving justification for their action. The letter must be submitted to the instructor within a week of the exam or due date of the assignment.
Assignments: Weekly assignments will be posted on the class website every Wednesday and collected the following Wednesday in class for grading. Part of Monday class will be used as a discussion of the assignment due that Wednesday. Students may discuss assignments with fellow students but must write up their own solutions. Assignments should be written neatly and clearly. Solutions will be posted on the class website the day an assignment is due. The lowest assignment grade will be dropped.
Final Exam: The final is cumulative and will be on Friday, December 15, from 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.
Grade System: 25% Midterm 1
25% Midterm 2
15% Assignments
35% Final


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