I do not have much experience in the IT or web development field. The limited experience I do have is from previous classes at Boston College. These classes did not deal much with coding or anything of the sort. I took a social media class which explored all different formats of personal pages one can have such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Wordpress, Blogspot, and many others. I took another class called discovering computer graphics but this also did not focus much at all on HTML or any sort of coding. In this class we mostly played Minecraft and worked with avatars in virtual worlds. That is the closest I come to knowing anything about computers.

I have to admit I am not hugely engrossed in web development nor am I planning on going into that field. One day I am hoping I will own a café and in that case I assume I will need some sort of website to post menus, hours, specials and updates on. This class will hopefully help me understand more of how to do that. Development of a website is what I hope to gain during this class, and it seems that that is going to be the case.

In addition to website creation, in this class I am hoping to become more familiar with editing HTML codes properly in order to change the smallest and most specific things (like font size, color, etc.). My closest relationship with HTML was editing a theme on Tumblr a few years ago and even though that is true I still did not know much of what I was doing and by now I have forgotten what little I knew before.

I would like to be able to use this class for creating or editing themes on Tumblr in the future.