The Categories of Competitive Irish Dancing


  1. Beginner (Beginner 1)
  2. Advanced Beginner (Beginner 2)
  3. Novice
  4. Prizewinner
  5. Preliminary Championship
  6. Open Championship

Children as young as three years old can begin taking Irish Dance classes in the Beginner level. Competitions in each level are held for dancers who range in age from about five to twenty-two. Adults can also participate in "Adult Ceilis", which consist of either four or eight adult dancers, who perform a group dance and compete as a team.
When a dancer competes by his or her self, it is considered a Solo competition. But when dancing in groups of four, eight, or sixteen, they are considered Ceili or Team competitions, where the fluidity and synchronization of the team is judged.

The Major Annual Championships:

For information on how to qualify for each level and competition, please see my page on Rules and Regulations