The Team: Past and Present
(under construction)
So here is Yanni during our freshman year "Rarrring" his head off during one of our favorite past times: Playing Halo. Yeah, that kinda got in the way with school but isn't
that what freshman year is all about?!

Ah, and here is an unusual sight. It isn't Vin's love for the trees and flowers but for the fact that the wretched New England winter is over and
here, at last, the first signs of green growth emerge! Come live with us and you will understand what i mean by WRETCHED WINTERS!

Um.....that's me. First year. One word. 5 Letters. SCRUB!

3 of us

About 20 feet up sitting on a chimney in the middle of nowhere. Well, the back trails of Newton counts as nowhere.

(Gotta wait till Sept for these pics)