The following pages contain statements that describe family relationships and the kinds of feelings and experiences frequently reported by young adults.  Please respond to each item by filling in the number on a scale of 1 to 5 that best describes your parents, your relationship with your parents, and your experiences and feelings.  Please provide a single rating to describe your parents and your relationship with them.  If only one parent is living, or if your parents are divorced, respond with reference to your living parent or the parent with whom you feel closer.

1 2 3 4 5
 Not at All 
A Moderate Amount
Quite A Bit
Very Much

In general, my parents.... . .
___1.  are persons I can count on to provide emotional support   when I feel troubled.

___2.  support my goals and interests.

___3.  live in a different world.

___4.  understand my problems and concerns.

___5.  respect my privacy.

___6.  restrict my freedom or independence.

___7  are available to give me advice or guidance when I want it.

___8.  take my opinions seriously.

___9.  encourage me to make my own decisions.

___10.  are critical of what I can do. 

___11.  impose their ideas and values on me.

___12.  have given me as much attention as I have   wanted

___13. are persons to whom I can express differences of      opinion on important matters.

___14 have no idea what I am feeling or thinking. 
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___15.  have provided me with the freedom to experiment   and  learn  things on my own.

___16.  are too busy or otherwise involved to help me.

___17  have trust and confidence in me.

___18.  try to control my life.

___19.  protect me from danger and difficulty

___20.  ignore what I have to say.

___21.  are sensitive to my feelings and needs

___22.  are disappointed in me.

___23.  give me advice whether or not I want it.

___24  respect my judgment and decisions, even if different from what they would want.

___25.  do things for me, which I could do for myself.

___26.  are persons whose expectations I feel obligated to meet.

___27.  treat me like a younger child.

1 2 3 4 5
 Not at All 
A Moderate Amount
Quite A Bit
Very Much

During recent visits or time spent together, my parents were persons. . .
___28.  I looked forward to seeing.

___29.  with whom I argued.

___30.  with whom I felt relaxed and comfortable.

___31.  who made me angry.

___32.  I wanted to be with all the time.

___33.  towards whom I felt cool and distant.

___34  who got on my nerves.

___35. who aroused feelings of guilt and anxiety. 
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___36.  to whom I enjoyed telling about the things I have done and learned.

___37.  for whom I felt a feeling of love.

___38.  I tried to ignore.

___39.  to whom I confided my most personal thoughts and feelings.

___40.  whose company I enjoyed.

___41.  I avoided telling about my experiences.

Following time spent together, I leave my parents. . .
___42.  with warm and positive feelings. (go to next column) ___43.  feeling let down and disappointed by my family.

When I have a serious problem or an important decision to make. . .
___44.  I look to my  family for support, encouragement, and/or guidance.

___45.  I seek help from a professional, such as a therapist, college counselor, or clergy.

___46.  I think about how my family  might respond and what they might say.(go to next column)


___47. I work it out on my own, without help or discussion with others.

___48  I discuss the matter with a friend.

___49. I know that my family will know what to do.

___50.  I contact my family if I am not able to resolve the situation after talking it over with my friends.

When I go to my parents for help. . .
___51.  I feel more confident in my ability to handle the problems on my own.

___52.  I continue to feel unsure of myself.

___53.  I feel that I would have obtained more understanding and comfort from a friend. (go to next column)

___54.  I feel confident that things will work out as long as I follow my parent's advice.

___55.  I am disappointed with their response.