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At the heart of every city in Ancient Greece was the Agora; the marketplace and civic center, where people met on a daily basis to exchange goods and ideas. The Agora, along with each city's various temples, was one of the most important parts of ancient Athens. In addition to being a marketplace, it was also where people assembled to discuss business, politics, current events, or the nature of the universe and the divine. The philosophy, science, government, and religion discussed and practiced the modern world were all brought into the light at the Agora. The Agora of Athens, where Greek democracy first put down its roots, provides a window through which we can examine the commercial, political, religious, and cultural life of one of the great cities of the ancient world; a city that greatly affected the world as it is today. 

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Greek Literature
Philosophy, Science, and Religion
The Agora today
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Maureen Emily Regan
Humanities Research Lab

Fall 2009