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Research on the Ancient World


Greek philosophy is a subject worthy of its own website; on this page, one of the most influential philosophers and two of his followers will be highlighted.

Socrates used questions as a starting point for defining virtue and justice. Rather than stating his beliefs, he questioned those of others, and came to logical conclusions through discourse. Socrates' most famous (presumably his finest) student, Plato, tries to explain his teachers' various conversations and conclusions in the Republic. In each conversation, Socrates attempts to grasp a solid definition of virtue. Often, he simply ends up revealing the misunderstandings of the interlocutors while never quite making a point.
Plato's most famous student, Aristotle, looks at the world from an even more scientific and logical perspective. His Nicomachean Ethics is a great example of the down-to-earth philosophy he brought into the world.

Here is a helpful website for more basic information on Greek philosophy:
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