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v  Research Areas


Service operations management and service strategy, including:

1.     Service co-production and Customer Efficiency Management (CEM): design and management of multi-channel service delivery systems in financial services (e.g. retail banking), process design and contracting of knowledge-intensive services (e.g. consulting and brokerage), and productivity and efficiency analysis of service operations with active customer participation (e.g. financial services, consulting, retail and healthcare). 

2.     E-commerce and e-service strategy and operations.

3.     Theory and practice of operations management in emerging markets (e.g. China).

4.     Operational risk control in financial services.



v  Research Projects


1.     Co-Principle Investigator (Co-PI), “The Management of Complex Financial Systems: Modeling, Pricing and Risk”, Key Project funded by National natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

2.     Principle Investigator (PI), “Transforming Chinese Financial Service Institutions: Strategy and Operations”.

3.     Principle Investigator (PI), “Customer Efficiency and the Management of Multi-channel Service Delivery System” for financial service industry, funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF).

1.     Principle Investigator (PI), “Customer Efficiency: Concept and Its Impact on E-business Management” funded by the Marketing Science Institute (MSI), Cambridge, MA, U.S.A, and the  Wharton E-business Initiative (WeBI).

2.     Research Assistant, “Efficiency and quality in financial services”, the Wharton Financial Institutions Center, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A., funded by Transformations to Quality Organizations Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF), 1999.

3.     Research Assistant, “The financial services industries: current problems, future prospects”, the Wharton Financial Institutions Center, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A., funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 1998.


v  Publications in Refereed Journals


1.     Xue, M., L. M. Hitt, P. Chen. 2011. The determinants and outcome of Internet banking adoption. Management Science. 57(2) 291-307 (An earlier version is listed as Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Working Paper 07-122 and featured in MSI Winter Report 2007-2008).  

2.     Xue, M., J. M. Field. 2008. Service co-production with information stickiness and incomplete contracts: implications for consulting service design. Production and Operations Management. 17 (3) 357-372.

3.     Xue, M., L. M. Hitt, P. T. Harker. 2007. Customer efficiency, channel usage and firm performance in retail banking. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 9 (4) 535-558. 

4.     Xue, M., G. R. Heim, P. T. Harker. 2005. Consumer and co-producer roles in e-service: analyzing efficiency and effectiveness of e-service designs. International Journal of Electronic Business. 3 (2) 174-197.

5.     Xue, M., P. T. Harker. 2002a. Note: ranking DMUs with infeasible super-efficiency DEA models.  Management Science. 48 (5) 705-710.

6.     Xue, M., P. T. Harker. 2002b. Customer efficiency: concept and its impact on e-business management. Journal of Service Research. 4 (4) 253-267.



v  Working Papers


1.     Xue, Mei, Jun  Zhang, Lorin M. Hitt. Why are banks still opening more branches? The impact of on-line channel on off-line channel capacity expansion.

2.     Field, J. M., M. Xue, L. M. Hitt. Learning by customers as co-producers in financial services: an empirical study of the effects of learning channels, skills, and ability.

3.     Xue, M., P. T. Harker. The self-service strategy: linking operations and marketing.

4.     Xue, M., P. T. Harker. Overcoming the inherent dependency of DEA efficiency scores: a bootstrap approach. Wharton Financial Institutions Center (WFIC) Working Paper 99-17.

5.     Xue, M., P. T. Harker. Extensions of Modified DEA. Wharton Financial Institutions Center (WFIC) Working Paper 99-07.