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Research in Dr. Clarke's laboratory focused on the interactions of transition metal ions with biologically important molecules and applied the knowledge learned to the development of metallopharmaceuticals. For example, glutathione, which occurs in millimolar concentrations in cells, can either facilitate or hinder DNA binding by transition metal anticancer agents. Transferrin, which transports Fe3+ in the blood, also serves as a Trojan horse to provide some metal ions, such as Ru3+, preferential entry into tumor cells. Some ruthenium complexes appear to be selectively toxic to tumors by being activated by reduction by the tumor itself to bind to nucleic acids. Ruthenium complexes induce new modes of hydrolysis and oxidation, which may cut or otherwise damage DNA. The paramagnetism of RuIII also affects the NMR resonances of coordinated nucleotides so as to probe molecular orbital interactions. Applying sensitive electrochemical techniques to Ru-DNA adducts reveals that this metal can migrate within the DNA as a function of its oxidation state. Such interactions point toward the development of new transition metal agents bound to transferrin and then activated by the tumor to interfere with its DNA metabolism and possibly induce cell death by apoptosis.

Metallonitrosyls can be used as prodrugs for the in vivo release of nitric oxide, which exhibits many functions in the body including those as: a neurotransmitter, an enzyme activant, and a cytotoxic agent.

Dr. Clarke's laboratory showed that ruthenium nitrosyl complexes can release NO in vivo and so possibly affect the biological activities mediated by this molecule, particularly those involving short term memory in the hippocampal section of the brain.

Earlier work in Dr. ClarkeÕs laboratory also involved the coordination of ruthenium ammine ions to coenzymes such as flavins and vitamin-C.

Professor Clarke retired in 2013 and can be reached at Clarke@bc.edu. Many of his publications are available at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Michael_Clarke15.




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