Michael Noone


Cristobal de Morales
Canticum Canticorum — 2000

The Song of Songs speaks of a fulfilment on the physical level which embraces the whole of GodŐs creation. The BelovedŐs body becomes transmuted into the surrounding hills, the trees and animals which inhabit them and the fruits, milk and honey that they provide to nourish and sustain us. The allegories contained within the Song of Songs are numerous, and historically have been given much more scholarly weight than the simple love expressed within the Song itself.
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“Michael Noone, prestigious specialist in Spanish Renaissance music, offers us here a sumptuous programme of Renaissance polyphony. We have here a gift for the ears and a must for lovers of Renaissance polyphony.”
, September 2000

“Michael Noone’s status as a great conductor is reconfirmed”
Babelia, El País,

“Without doubt one of the most important releases this year. How long until the next one?
Francisco de Paula, Diverdi, August 2000

“warm and subtly sensuous”
Barry Witherden, Classic CD, September 2000 (Performance 5 stars, Sound 5 stars)

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