Michael Noone


Sebastián de Vivanco
In Manus Tuas and Motets — 2002

Sebastián de Vivanco (c.1551-1622) stands, without doubt, as one of the most neglected composers of the Spanish Golden Age. Ironically, the greatest contribution to this neglect is the accident of his having been born in Ávila at about the same time as that other colossus of Spanish music from Ávila, Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548-1611). Blinded, perhaps, by the stunning brilliance of Victoria, scholars and performers alike have been slow to discern an equally bright star sparkling in the same constellation.
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“This premiere recording of Vivanco’s sumptuous eight-part Missa In manus tuas and several of his motets—ranging from celebratory works to more intimate devotional pieces. The combination of musicians who are thoroughly conversant with the idiom and painstaking historical research (a glimpse of which is offered in the copious CD notes) makes the perfect marriage of scholarship and performance practice.” Kate Bolton

“To acquire this CD is almost obligatory” Francisco de Paula Sánchez

“This world premiere recording vindicates an unjustly neglected master who deserves to have his day in the sun.” Craig Zeichner

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