Michael Noone


Fernando de las Infantas
Motets — 2004

Atypical among Renaissance composers, Fernando de las Infantas (1534-ca. 1610) was a wealthy independent nobleman and published theologian. As a diplomat, he became embroiled in Philip IIÕs objections to Gregory XIIIÕs controversial authorization of a revision of the Gregorian chant. Yet despite being eulogised by scholars, only a handful of InfantasÕs compositions are available in modern editions. Michael Noone has transcribed and edited Infantas's books and motets and presents here the first recording ever devoted entirely to Infantas's motets.


“The two final tracks are superbly sonorous pieces for 7 and 8 voices, the latter a highly symbolic and complex setting of Loquebantur variis linguis. Noone represents an ideal balance between researcher and interpreter, allowing his British singers to revel in Infantas’ long lines and sonorities.  The choral sound is beautifully blended…and this will be an essential acquisition for anyone with an interest in Iberian polyphony.” Noel O’Regan

‘These are the performers who knocked us all out a couple of years ago with their recording of newly-discovered liturgical music by Morales…this really is terrific music…Noone and his singers have a gift (here as in the Morales CD) for bringing the details out of what seems like a solid imitative structure’ Kenneth Kreitner, Early Music Aug 2007

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