Michael Noone


Francisco Guerrero
Requiem — 1999

Our recording is an attempt to imagine the Requiem Mass and Burial Service that was celebrated in SevilleŐs great Cathedral after the composerŐs death. On November 3, 1599, the Dean and chapter of Seville Cathedral met to discuss GuerreroŐs grave illness. A week later the Chapter authorised the singers to celebrate a Requiem Mass for the repose of his soul and it was decided that he would be buried in the CathedralŐs chapel of Nuestra Se–ora de la Antigua with all the honours due to a deceased prebendary: En este dicho dia cometieron a los señores mayordomo de fabrica contador señalen en nuestra se–ora del antigua sepoltura al maestro francisco guerrero i mandaron lo entierren como a prebendado con su novenario lo qual se hizo por gracia atento a sus servicios.
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“Grand and noble music performed with tremendous commitment and recorded with convincing regard for the scale and majesty of the music.”
Tess Knighton, Gramophone, March 2000 (CD named ‘Editor’s Choice’)

‘flawless intonation, a singing style of characteristically English beauty.”
Luis Gago, Scherzo, February 2000

“All the music in the program is superbly performed”
Dallas Morning News,
February 2000

“Golden Age Spanish music will be heard internationally, thanks to Australian Michael Noone. One of the world’s most famous magazines places his Guerrero Requiem among the ten best CDs of March…conducting attentive to the most subtle expressive details.”
Francisco de Paula, Diverdi 2000

“Inspires musicological and emotional confidence…sublime”
Roger Tellart, Diapason (6 stars)

“There are many highlights here; this is certainly a disc to be savoured.”
Michael Harris, Organist’s Review, May 2000

“perfectly balanced…in terms of sound and performance it is exemplary”
Maricarmen Gómez, Goldberg April 2000 (4 stars)

“some really marvellous music…the entire recording shows us just what treasures are to be had inside the secret, dark jewel box of Spanish Renaissance music.”
Anthony Pryor, BBC Music Magazine, March 2000

“Quite simply, one does not hear better performances than this, and what a wonderful feast these movements provide the ears, most especially the excellent playing by the ‘orchestra’. This is a recording no to be missed by anyone.” 
IHMSG Newsletter, 2000

“Guerrero’s polyphony is wonderfully dark-edged, noble and dramatic…throughout the singing and playing combines refined purity with intensity.”
Sunday Times,
January 2000

“The resulting sonority is grand, resonant and powerful”,
Classic CD,
July 2000 (Performance 4 stars, Sound 4 stars)

This recording was short-listed for Gramophone Magazine’s ‘CD of the Year’ award in 2000.

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