MT426                                    Probability Theory                           Fall 2007


Professor Nancy Rallis

Carney 321, extension 2-3764


Office Hours: MWF 11:00  - 12:00, and by appointment


Textbook:  An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Richard Larsen and Morris

                  Marx (fourth edition)


Mt426 is an introduction to probability theory.  It is the first part of a year-long sequence

MT426/MT427 (Probability and Mathematical Statistics).  MT202 (Multivariable Calculus)

is a prerequisite for the course.  The topics covered in MT426 are the following:


Chapter 1 Introduction - Brief History of Probability and Statistics, Some Examples.


Chapter 2 Probability - Discrete and continuous sample spaces and probability functions,

conditional probability and independence and combinatorics.


Chapter 3 Random Variables - Discrete and continuous types, Cumulative distribution functions,

 Joint density functions, Hypergeometric and Binomial Distributions, Transforming Random Variables,

 Expected Value and Moment Generating Functions.


Chapter 4 Special Distributions - Poisson, Normal, Geometric, Negative Binomial and Gamma Distribution



Exams, Homework and Grading:


Your final grade will be the weighted average of two in-class exams (each 25%), written homework and

class participation (20%) and a comprehensive final (30% )



The examination schedule is


Exam 1 is Wednesday, October 10


Exam 2 is Wednesday, November 14




If you have a serious reason for missing an in-class exam, then you must let me know prior to the examination time.

 If you have a serious reason for missing the final exam, then you must inform the Dean's office prior to the final exam time.

 The Dean's office will then let me know that you will miss the exam.


There will be approximately twenty problem sets.  You are encouraged to talk to each other about the homework, but you

must write up your own paper to pass in.  Late homework will not be graded.  You must staple multiple sheets together

(ripped folded and torn sheets will not be accepted)