Boston College

Nidia Fevry

I have been invited to attend the Presidential Inauguration!


Your vision is intact- you have not misread the title. I will in fact be attending the Presidential Inauguration in January of 2009- or at least I hope to. My affiliation with Golden Key International Honor Society has given me the opportunity to go beyond learning about history, but to personally witness it. What I would be bearing witness to of course would be  the swearing of an emergent of one of the most historic election  term of our time.  


Not falling off course with other privileged experiences in our lives, there is a cost involved. would need your help to help defray $3200 dollars (I know---I had the same reaction of disbelief myself when I saw the price) that I would need to fundraise in order to attend the historic ceremonies.


I would be attending the ceremonies as a University Inaugural Scholar. That means that my attendance involves more than being amongst the throngs that resolved to  personally experience the ceremonies in Washington. As one of the 3000 invited inaugural scholars, I will directly participate in the pageantry and ceremony of the inauguration of the president and vice president in the planned 4 day program and witness firsthand the hallmark of democracy in action with the peaceful transition of power to the 44th president of the United States.


To quote the Golden Key International Honor Society: The Conference is comprised of exclusive and private inaugural events and activities featuring world-renown keynote speakers and political experts, as well as public ceremonial events such as the official swearing-in ceremony and the inaugural parade, as the president and vice president and their families proceed down Pennsylvania Avenue from the United States Capitol Building to the White House.

Inaugural Scholars will meet and interact with White House veterans, press secretaries, political powerhouses, Washington, D.C. insiders, presidential historians, policy makers, documentary film makers and other prominent and sought-after personalities and political experts who will directly participate in the Conference.

Who will be attending
Participation in the Conference is reserved exclusively for alumni of the
National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF), the Congressional Youth Leadership Council (CYLC) and the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) who are age 18 or older on arrival date. Scholars who have attended these programs have met the academic requirements and have demonstrated the leadership qualities necessary to make a positive contribution to the quality and integrity of this historic inaugural conference. 

I would also attend the inaugural ball, witness the parade, and get a personalize tour of Washington, D.C. while interacting with other scholars from across the country .

I would really appreciate your support. Take care!


What your money would be going towards:
Plane Ticket from Madrid to Washington (I have had to cancel my other ticket): $1500
Program Fees: $2,870.00

Insurance for the Program: $109

Food for 4 days: $120


Please donate $25, $50, $75, $100. Or whatever contribution you are able to make.