Ourida Mostefai


Professor of French

Department of Romance Languages & Literatures

Boston College




Visiting Professor

French Studies and Comparative Literature

Brown University



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Biography / Biographie

Ourida Mostefai grew up in Paris, France. A graduate of the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, she received her MasterĠs and Doctoral degrees in French from New York University. Ourida Mostefai joined Boston College in 1988. She has served as Acting Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences (2004-2005), Interim Director of the Office of International Programs (2006-2007), and Chair of the Department of Romance Languages & Literatures (2009-2012). She has held visiting teaching appointments at Harvard University (Fall 2003), at the Ecole Normale SupŽrieure (Ulm) in Paris (2010), and at Brown University (2014-2015).


Research / Travaux

Ourida Mostefai is the author of Le Citoyen de Genve et la RŽpublique des LettresŽtude de la controverse autour de la ÒLettre ˆ dĠAlembertÓ de Jean-Jacques Rousseau (2003) and Jean-Jacques Rousseau Žcrivain polŽmique: querelles, disputes et controverses au Sicle des Lumires (forthcoming, 2015)She has edited Lectures de Òla Nouvelle HŽlo•seÓ/Reading Òla Nouvelle HŽlo•seÓ (1993) and co-edited Approaches to Teaching RousseauĠs ÒConfessionsÓ and ÒRveriesÓ (2003), Rousseau and lĠInf‰me: Religion, Toleration, and Fanaticism in the Age of Enlightenment (2009), as well as four issues of Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture (2000-2003). She is currently preparing the critical edition of RousseauĠs Lettre ˆ dĠAlembert for the new Complete Works of Rousseau for Classiques Garnier publishers in France.

Some of her recent articles include: ÒDe Manon ˆ Julie: ordre et dŽsordre des passions et de lĠŽconomie domestique.Ó Sources et PostŽritŽs de la Nouvelle HŽlo•se: Le modle de Julie, Eds. Genevive Goubier-Robert & StŽphane Lojkine. Paris: Desjonqures, 2012, pp. 153-160; ÒSingular and Exemplary: The Theory and Experience of Citizenship in Rousseau. A Response to Karma Nabulsi.Ó Self-Evident Truths? Human Rights and the Enlightenment. The Oxford Amnesty Lectures. Ed. Kate Tunstall. New York; London; New Dehli; Sidney:  Bloomsbury, 2012, pp. 59-71; "De Manon ˆ Suzette: le ÔdŽmŽnagement socialĠ en rŽvolution.Ó Le Tournant des Lumires: MŽlanges en lĠhonneur du professeurMalcolm Cook. Eds. Katherine Astbury & Catriona Seth. Paris: Garnier, 2012, pp. 181-192, and ÒIllumination et Historia Calamitatum: Postures de lĠŽchec chez Rousseau.Ó Jean-Jacques Rousseau en 2012: ÒPuisqu'enfin mon nom doit vivre,Ó Ed. Michael OĠDea. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, SVEC 2012:01, pp. 29-43.


Professional Honors / Distinctions honorifiques

Ourida Mostefai was inducted as Chevalier (Knight) in the Ordre des Palmes AcadŽmiques in January, 2009. She has served on the editorial boards of Eighteenth-Century StudiesEighteenth-Century Fiction, and Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture.  She is a past President of the Rousseau Association and of the Society for Eighteenth-Century French Studies. Her grants and fellowships include: Columbia University Institute for Scholars at Reid Hall in Paris (2002-2003); National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar (1998), and East-West Seminar, International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (1997). At Boston College she has received a Faculty Fellowship (2005), a Teaching, Advising and Mentoring Grant (2005), and Research Incentive Grants (1995 and 2009). She is an elected member of the Eighteenth-Century French Literature Division of the MLA (Modern Language Association of America) and serves on the Advisory Board of the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life at Boston College and on the Board of Directors of Venice International University.