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Campus Address: 403 St. Clement's Hall
Phone: (617) 552-8767
FAX: (617) 552-2818


Welcome to my home page. I am a Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for Scientific Research at Boston College. My prime research activities are related to ionospheric effects on the Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS) and validations of ionospheric models for Space Weather. This work is supported by contracts with the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Federal Aviation Administration. Click on the links below for more information on some current projects.

Communication and Navigation Outage Forecast System (C/NOFS)

Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)

International Beacon Satellite Symposium 2004 - October 18-22, 2004 HOME PAGE

International Beacon Satellite Symposium 2001 - June 3-6, 2001

Workshop on Space Weather Effects on Communication and Navigation Signals - June 7-8, 2001