The International Union of Radio Science conducted the 2001 meeting of

The International Beacon Satellite Symposium



June 3 - 6, 2001

A meeting of The International Beacon Satellite Symposium was held on the Boston College campus on June 3-6, 2001. This meeting provided a unique opportunity for ionospheric scientists from all over the world to meet and collaborate on the ionospheric effects on radio propagation. This meeting was primarily sponsored by the Beacon Satellite Group of the International Union of Radio Scientists (URSI) Commission G. The Beacon Satellite Group addresses all aspects of satellite signals observed on the ground and by receivers on-board satellites. The prime topics for discussion at this symposium included ionospheric tomography, scintillation, TEC, GPS Occultation studies and more. The final program for the Symposium can be viewed on the Beacon Symposium Program link.

Following the Beacon Symposium, a two-day workshop on Space Weather Effects on Communication and Navigation Signals was held. This workshop was intended to promote informal discussions between researchers from North America and Europe with scientists from developing countries. The workshop began with overview talks on Space Weather and on communication and navigation systems that will be affected by ionospheric effects. Workshop and poster sessions provided the opportunity to exchange information on worldwide and regional ionospheric problems and on current research activities aimed to assess and understand ionospheric effects on space-based systems. Scheduling the Space Weather Workshop immediately after the Beacon Symposium provided workshop and symposium participants with even more opportunities for worldwide collaboration. For more information, click on the Space Weather Workshop Home link.

By all accounts, the meetings were a success. Over 140 participants from 24 countries were in attendance. A group photo of the Beacon Symposium attendees may be viewed on the link Beacon Group Photo. An electronic Proceedings for both meetings is planned. All authors have been asked to submit a 4-5 page summary of their paper for the proceedings. Detailed format instructions may be found on the link Proceedings Instructions.

The Program Committee and Boston College thank all participants and sponsors for making these meetings a success!

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