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Research links:

Russia, Eurasia, and the World

Russia Weekly Report

Jamestown Foundation
Yabloko Political Program
Russian Constitution
Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy
Freedom House, Nations in Transit
Faultlines of Conflict
PONARS Policy Memos
Russian Foreign Policy-2003
Volga Boatmen
University of Texas Map Site

Social Movements

Labor Notes
Political Parties--contains links to political parties, environmental organizations, and many others
Church Organizations in Northern Ireland
Shifting Ground--ecology, sustainable development, community organizing site; interesting if eclectic set of links
Changing to Organize
Building Community Unions



Syllabus Fall 2004
100 Economies (states and TNCs)
World Investment Report 2003 [PDF]
Trade and Labor Standards [PDF]
The Environmental Review of the FTAA [PDF]
Arms Control Association
International Monetary Fund
World Bank
World Trade Organization
Amnesty International
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
Moghadam, "Gender and Globalization"
Sen and Correa, "Gender Justice and Economic Justice"
"The Pentagon's New Map"

Globalization, Gender, and Development Links

AWID--Association for Women's Rights in Development
DAWN--Development Alternatives for Women in a New Era
REFWID--Refugee Women in Development
UNRISD--United Nations Research Institute on Social Development (covers a number of issues of interest in this course, including gender and development issues. Look at links on left side of homepage).
WLD--Women, Law, and Development
Working Women Worldwide

Sustainable Development Links

United Nations Division on Sustainable Development
International Institute for Sustainable Development
World Business Council for Sustainable Development