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Relevant Links:

Development links:

The World Bank's Development Impact blog, here, is my main blog to keep tabs on.
      It is a bit technical, but those are taking/have taken the Impact Evaluation in Developing Countries course will enjoy it.

But there are plenty more out there- with a range of styles. To see a list of some favorites, courtesy of Owen Abroad, click here.

A number of development economists also have pages with interesting links, rather than blogs. I include just a couple here:

   Chris Barrett's Favorite Links, here. .... actually the site has changed... I guess links are a thing of the past..
        - don't forget to watch his appearance on Jon Stewart show, here.
    Duncan Thomas's Data links, here

Data from Developing Countries:

Aggregate data from World Bank, here
Household Survey data: World Bank LSMS data, here
Enterprise data (including some informal surveys): World Bank Enterprise Survey, here
Additional data sources, courtesy of Duncan Thomas's website, here
Data from South Africa, Data First, here

Other links:

Boston College Economics Department Resources, here.
South African Labour and Development Research Unit, here.

Nate Silver's blog, here

AEA's Resource for Economists page listing various data sources, here
Interactive Economic Data through Gapminder, here.

Boston Network for International Development, here

Informal Economy/Sector
Women's Informal Economy (WIEGO), here