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Please read my annotated review of Draper's School Mathematics Reform, Constructivism, and Literacy (2002)! I recomend this article to all math teachers!

In this article, she argues that the mathematics reform movement’s efforts to move mathematics educators from a transmission model of teaching and learning to a more student-centered math classroom where “the learner and teacher work together to solve problems, engage in inquiry, and construct knowledge” would be best negotiated, facilitated, and structured in a classroom environment based upon constructivist theories of learning, as it is in these classrooms that content-area literacy theories will be able to thrive and improve students ability to become independent learners who will be able to create “meaningful, lasting, and useful mathematical knowledge” (p. 522).

This article is of great importance on both a theoretical and practical level as it challenges the ideologies that inform traditional math pedagogy and provides mathematics educators with new methods and strategies to improve their students learning in an educational environment that has all too often become stale with standardized testing and, particularly in urban schools, devoid of mathematical knowledge that is transformative and empowering!


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