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Phillsophy of Teaching

My role in the teaching and learning of mathematics is that of a content expert who prepares meaningful contexts in which students can truly learn and understand mathematics for themselves through interactions with themselves, myself, and others which I hope to facilitate when I am not explicitly and comprehensibly engaging my student in new content or activating prior knowledge or building up background knowledge. For, although I do believe that it is more meaningful for students to create their own meaning through interaction with others within their zones of proximal development, I do believe that most students need and should receive direct instruction on mathematical content in order to ensure basic student understanding, particularly for ELL students and diverse learners, so that more meaningful activities can be successfully build off of this knowledge base. However, even in providing direct instruction at times, I do not see my students as empty vessels but as capable and valuable people who can and will learn if supported and provided with the right opportunities to learn and demonstrate their knowledge. Furthermore, my main objective in engaging my students in meaningful activities that I can facilitate is to promote my students development of mathematical knowledge and reasoning skills which they will be able to use in any vocation that they choose to pursue. Finally, in facilitating my student’s acquisition of mathematical knowledge and reasoning skills and in genuinely contextualizing mathematics I hope to show my students how they can use mathematics to empower themselves and others to transform their world and that of others.