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Boston College Mutual Fund Performance

  Creating Your Own Portfolio

    Use Money Central on MSN to setup your own portfolio.  When the website loads choose "My Portfolio" and then follow the step by step instructions.  We recommend that you use Money Central on MSN because you can find out the return of all your individual investments; although you will be required to enter in the symbols of the funds in your portfolio.  If you have any problems, please contact us.

    The next best site is Fidelity because your portfolios have already been set up for you. On Fidelity, you access your portfolio(s) by entering your social security and PIN number. However, Fidelity does not indicate the return on your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions about 401(k) Plans

Reasons to Open a 401(k)

Information on Specific Funds

By opting not to invest in your 401(k) you are giving away free money.  BC will give you 4 times the first 2% you invest.  Think of it this way: It is an extra 4 weeks of yearly pay that you invest towards retirement.

Use the Fidelity Financial Planning Calculator to forecast the hypothetical growth of you retirement savings.

To look up a fund symbol and for useful links, check out:

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Money Central on MSN

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 401(k) FAQs
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Disclaimer: This website and the pages contained herein are designed to provide useful information about retirement plans and investing your plan account savings.  While the investment performance and other information  contained herein was obtained from reliable sources, it cannot be guaranteed as to completeness or accuracy. Before acting on any of the information provided, consult your professional advisor.