There were five rafts on the trip; three small oar powered rafts, one larger pontoon raft, and a paddle boat.

The three oar boat captains were Jelly, Bob, and Jenny who was also the trip leader.

The three oar rafts carried four passengers and the boatman.

When running big rapids which we usualy did several times a day, the three heaviest passengers had to lean over the front to keep the nose down.


Brian was captain of the big pontoon raft which held five passengers and a large portion of the gear.

If it didn't seem exciting enough running the rapids in such a large boat you could sit on one of the pontoons and ride it like a bronco.

Bob was captain of the paddle boat. He steered from the back while six people paddled. This boat was the most exciting raft to be in going through the rapids.
The only thing keeping you from flying out of the raft was a single foot strap and your paddle hitting the water.

On the right Bob instructs two of the women in the art of peeing over the side.


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