Rachel Gottlieb's Odyssey 

of StumbleUpon

Want to go on another adventure?

Behold, the Old Man of the Sea, changing into
 his various forms.
Just as he takes the form of
 any creature,  your own whims can take any
 shape on the site "Wild Mood Swings".

After six grueling hours of compulsory education,
Rachel is exhausted and longs to return home.
However, she was unprepared for the journey
that lay ahead of her, an adventure of twists and turns.
Waiting in the library for her ride home, she decides
to surf the internet. Who would have known that checking
her email would have taken such a detour for the entertaining?
She decides to take a peek at StumbleUpon.com, and
once she entered the Charybdis of the internet,
here was no saving her from the vortex of distractions that followed.

Just like the lotus caused Odysseus' men
to forget their homeland and be
 lost to the abyss, so can falling into a
 bottomless pit, as one man bravely
 catalogues through a series of facebook posts.

Odysseus' men were haunted by their decision to kill the cattle of the Sun. Their misfortune is is famous throughout literature, but at least there wasn't a blog following their every dietary misstep. Enter one curious
foodie and the blog "Steve,
Don't Eat It!".  With all the
repulsive food stuff he eats, one
comes to wonder  whose actions, Steve's or the crew's, would actually be more reprehensible to the gods. 

Just like Odysseus boldly entered the cave of Polyphemus with no fear, but rather curiosity, of the unknown, so can your friends summon the courage to see the links that you post on their facebook walls after you churn them through this trolling site.

Meet the sirens of the internet, a potent compilation of "Inspiration for the Uninspired". Even being tied to the mast of a Greek warship cannot stop a grown man from darkly laughing at every 20-second blurb his eyes stumble upon.