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Boston College AHANA Ball 2003.
    Sponsored by the office of AHANA Student Programs
    and the Office of the Dean for Student Development

Ballroom, Boston Park Plaza

Dean Durett (second from left), Office of the Dean for Student Development, Rhonda Frederick (third from left) and guests.

Scenes from the 2004 Boston Carnival

Personal Favorites

40th Birthday Wishes from Giselle, Julie, Liza, and Rayna

So Much Beauty I Had to Share

CSA 2003 Belize: (top) Pat and Giselle; (bottom) Michelle, Rhonda, Winnie

Mom Celebrates My Book!

With Some Time and Imagination ...

Summer 2004, Rhonda and Leti

Sisters (and Mahcic!) Out on the Town

Rhonda in Frisco‘s Chinatown

Rhonda in Frisco‘s Japanese Tea Garden