other interests

I am an iPhone developer and one of my applications is called Brisk Walk.  This App will allow audio to play while the person carrying the iPhone/iPod touch is moving and pause the audio when the person stops.  The idea is that someone can safely cross the street while listening  to music or podcasts  without the distraction of the iPod. 

I also wrote an application called T Bus for reading bus schedules from the MBTA web site, so you can tell when the next bus is coming with the touch of a button.  These and several other apps are for sale  on the App Store.

One fateful day in the spring of 2007 while wondering through the Cambridge library I picked up a book on the Linux open source PVR program called MythTV.  I had heard of, and was intrigued by, this program but had not considered using it since I do not watch enough TV to justify if.  I left the library with the notion of looking into building a MythTV system after reading about the other capabilities of the software, especially the function of digital jukebox,

That summer I took on the project.  I assembled the system with pieces from several places, buying an old Dell and a Hauppauge PVR-350 TV tuner from two different guys advertising on craigslist, a Sound Blaster card from Ebay, a 350 GB hard drive from Micro Center and a WiFi card and access point from newegg.com.

Diving into Linux seemed a bit daunting, but since I used the MythDora  installation of MythTV it was pretty painless.  Our entire CD collection is now only a click away.  I have to admit that it is pretty slick to be able to pause live ball games and skipping commercials on The Daily Show is also nice. This has been a great hobby and is an ongoing project.


Another interest that I have is filmmaking.  I am part of the team at Fabular Films, where we make period pieces exploring different subjects such as the life and death of John Harvard and the secret court of 1920 at Harvard University.