Merry Christmas 2005 From the Jeffersons

Again we're blessed this year to share a bit of our year with you. As with the last few years, 2005 has been a year of both joys and sorrows.   Again, we are thankful to God that he has kept us together and given us a measure of good health.

January Baptism September
A Winter Bicycle Ride

Spring Big East Meet

BC Track Elders of Color boat ride  
MBC Scholarship Kydani's UConn graduation  
MLK Breakfast New England Championships  
February June  
African Garb Day Alicia Hunter's graduation  
Climate Study Steering Committee Plants & Flowers October
Kydani's Last Meet HR 2005 summer outing  
MLK Banquet Nathaniel, Bianca and Russel Pitts baptism  
Uncle Richard's Funeral Saul's Retirement Party  

Usher Board Dinner

Tari Cash's Wedding  
Winter Big East Meet    
Porky's wedding    
On the Mighty Mississippi July November
New Orleans street music    
GLBT parade    
my birthday&Ray's show    
Ahana Scholars    
Darron's graduation    
Deacon-Trustee retreat    
Kiaras christening    
Oscar Romero    
an early string bike ride    
Brown Invitational August December
family & friends at home    
National Counsel of Negro Women    
solomn invitational    
Kydani's UConn awards    
UNH Meet    
Ashley's BC graduation