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The Return to God After God
Dieu est mort,
vive Dieu
Tornare a Dio Dopo Dio
Collected Irish Essays 1976-2006
Debates in Continental Philosophy
On Paul Ricoeur:
The Owl of Minerva

Trilogy: Philosophy at the Limit

The God Who May Be
On Stories
Strangers, Gods and Monsters

Other Books

Il Desiderio e Dio(with Ghistlain LaFont) Postnationalist Ireland : Politics, Culture, Philosophy
States of Mind: Dialogues with Contemporary Thinkers on the European Mind Poetics of Modernity
Visions of Europe Poetics of Imagining: Modern and Postmodern
The Wake of Imagination

Transition: Narratives in Modern Irish Culture

Modern Movements in European Philosophy Dialogues with Contemporary Continental Thinkers

Poétique du possible

Essay Monographs

Heidegger's Three Gods

Myth and Motherland

Fiction and Poetry

Sam's Fall
Walking at Sea Level
Angel of Patrick's Hill

Books Edited or Co-edited

Phenomenologies of the Stranger: Between Hostility and Hospitalit Hosting the Stranger: Between Religions
Traversing the Heart: Journeys of the Inter-religious Imaginatio Heidegger et la Question de Die
Heidegger et la Question de Dieu; second edition. Preface by J.-Y. Lacoste. Paul Ricoeur: The Hermeneutics of Actio
The Irish Mind: Exploring Intellectual Traditions Migrations: The Irish at Home and Abroad
Continental Aesthetics Continental Philosophy in the 20th Century
The Continental Philosophy Reader The No Word Image
The Crane Bag, Vol 1 The Crane Bag, Vol II
Across the Frontiers: Ireland in the 1990s Questioning Ethics: Contemporary Debates in Philosophy
Christianity Not Mysterious Paul Ricoeur: Les metamorphoses de la raison hermeneutique

The Black Book: An Analysis of Third Level Education

Books on Richard Kearney's Work

Traversing the Imaginary: Richard Kearney and the Post-Modern Challenge

After God: Richard Kearney and the Religious Turn in Continental Philosophy by John Manoussakis

Translations of Richard Kearney's Books

Dieu est mort, vive Dieu: Une nouvelle idée du sacré pout le IIIe millénaire: l’anathéism,

Préface de Frédéric Lenoi

Der Fremde Zwilling
Der Sundenfall Xenoi, Theoi & Terata
Japanese Translation of Dialogues With Contemporary Thinkerson the European Mind La Paradoja Europea
La Chute de Samuel Strangers, Gods and Monsters in Korean
HRA S Vodou, Czech Translation of Poem Chinese Translation of On Stories
Russian Translation of States of Mind: Dialogues with Contemporary Continental Thinkers Arabic Translation of On Stories

Zihnin Halleri[Turkish Translation of Dialogues With Contemporary Continental Thinkers]

French Translation of Walking at Sea Level

Recent Chapters and Articles in Books

"Between Onself and Another" in Between Suspicion and Sympathy: Paul Ricoeur's Unstable Equilibrium, ed. Andrzej Wiercinski

"Spectres of Hamlet" in Spiritual Shakespeares, ed. Ewan Ferni
"Kierkegaard on Hamlet" in The New Kierkegaard, ed. Elsebet Jegstrup "Narrative and the Ethics of Remembrance" in Imagination and its Pathologies, ed. James Phillips & James Morley
"On the Hermeneutics of Evil" in 'Paul Ricoeur', Review de Métaphysique et de Morale "Khora or God?" in A Passion for the Impossible: John D. Caputo in Focus, ed. Mark Doole
"Time, Evil, and Narrative: Ricoeur on Augustine" in Augustine and Postmodernism: Confessions and Circumfession, ed. J. Caputo and M. Scanlo "Vers une herméneutique diacritique du passage: En dialogue avec Jean Greisch, in Le Souci du Passage
"A Postnational Council of Isles? The British-Irish Conflict Reconsidered" in The Shape of the New Europe, ed. R. Rogowski and C. Turner "Entrevista: Paul Ricoeur con Richard Kearney" in Fenomenologia por decir : Homenaje a Paul Ricoeur, ed. Patricio M. Malet
"Thinking after Terror: An Interreligious Challenge," with response to commentators, in Journal of the Interdisciplinary Crossroads, April, 2005. Forward to the New Edition in From Text to Action: Essays in Hermeneutics, II, by Paul Ricoeur
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Reviews of The God Who May Be: A Hermeneutics of Religionin Modern Theology, Volume 18, Issue 1.

"Hamlet's Ghost and Gods" in The Irish Reader, ed. Michael Hinds, Peter Denman & Margaret Kelleher
"Faith in Hermeneutics" in With Gifted Thinkers, ed. Mark Manolopoulos. "Memory and Forgetting in Irish Culture" in Recovering Memory: Irish Representations of Past and Present, ed. Hedda Friberg, Irene Gilsenan Nordin & Yding Pedersen.
"Between the Prophetic and the Sacramental" in Gazing Through a Prism Darkly: Reflections on Merold Westphal's Hermeneutical Epistemology, ed. B. Keith Putt "Re-imagining God" in Transcendence and Beyond: A Postmodern Inquiry, ed. J. D. Caputo and Michael J. Scanlon
"Exchanging Memories: Between Poetics and Ethics" in Architecture, Ethics and the Personhood of Place, ed G. C. Caicco. "Returning to God After God: Levinas, Derrida, Ricoeur" in Research in Phenomenology, Vol 39, No. 2. 2009.
"Heart Mysteries" in The Japan Mission Journal "Sacramental Imagination and Eschatology" in Phenomenology and Eschatology: Not Yet in the Now, ed. Neal DeRoo and J.P. Manoussakis
"Ricoeur and Biblical Hermeneutics: On Post-Religious Faith" in Ricoeur Across the Disciplines, ed. Scott Davidson "Capable Man, Capable God" in A Passion for the Possible: Thinking with Paul Ricoeur, eds. Brian Treanor and Henry Isaac Venema
Entries on "Paul Ricoeur" and Aesthetics and Theology" in The Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity, ed. Daniel Patte "Desire: Between Good and Evil" in Deliver Us From Evil, eds. M. David Eckel and Bradley L. Herling
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"Merleau-Ponty and the Sacramentality of the Flesh" in Merleau-Ponty at the Limits of Art, Religion, and Perception, Ed. Kascha Semonovitch and Neal DeRoo "On the Hermeneutics of Evil" in the special Paul Ricoeur issue of Revue de Metaphysique et de Morale, ed. Jeffrey Barash
"Sacremental Imagination and Eschatology" in Phenomenology and Eschatology: Not Yet in the Now, ed. Neal DeRoo and John P. Manoussakis "Imagining the Sacred Stranger: Hostility or Hospitality" in Politics and the Religious Imagination, ed. Jens Zimmermann, John Dyck, and Paul Rowe
"The Challenge of Evil" in Reading Ricoeur ed. David Kaplan "Thinking After Terror: An Interreligious Challenge" in Roots, Rites and Sites of Resistance: The Banality of Good, ed. Leonidas K. Cheliotis
"Memory, History, Story" in Shadows of the Gunmen: Violence and Culture in Northern Ireland, ed. Sean Farrell and Danine Fanquharso "Paul's Dunamis: Towards a Micro-Eschatology" in St. Paul Among the Philosophers, ed. John Caputo
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"Britain and Ireland: Towards a Post-Nationalist Archipelago" in Contextualizing Secession: Normative Studies in a Comparative Perspectiv "Re-Imagining God" in Credo: Faith and Philosophy in Contemporary Irelan
"Postnational Identities: a New Configuration" in Empire and Terror: Nationalism/Postnationalism in the New Mellennium "The Crisis of Image: Levinas's Ethical Response" in The Ethics of Postmodernity: Current Trends in Continental Thought
"Philosophizing the Gift: A Discussion Bewteen Richard Kearney and Mark Manolopous" in The Hermeneutics of Charity: Interpretation, Selfhood, and Postmodern Faith “Entre soi-même et un autre: l’herméneutique diacritique de Ricoeur" in L'Herne
"L'Autre et l'Étranger entre Derrida and Ricoeur" in Philosopher en français "Narrating Pain: The Ethics of Catharsis" in Difficulties of Ethical Life
"Interview with Richard Kearney" in God Bless: a Political/Poetic Discourse Mediated by H.L. Hix "L'homme capable - Dieu capable" in L'homme capable autour de Paul Ricoeur
"Vers une herméneutique de la traduction" in Paul Ricoeur De l'homme faillible à l'homme capable "Thinking After Terror: an Interreligious Challenge" in Religion and Violence in a Secular World
"Paul's Notion of Dunamis" in St. Paul: Between Athens and Jerusale

"Testimony, Postmodernism, and Perversion: Interpreting Otherness (A Response by Richard Kearney to Eileen Rizo-Patrón, Brian Treanor, and John Manoussakis)" in Tolerancia, Toleration, Tolerância, Interpreting the Experience of Tolerance

"Re-imagining God" in Trancedence and Beyond: A Postmodern Inquiry

"Welcoming the Stranger" in All Changed? Culture and Identity in Contemporary Irelan
"Imagination Wanted: Dead or Alive" in Samuel Beckett - 100 Years, Centenary Essays