Schedule for Thesis Presentations, Fall 2016


All sessions are in Gasson 207.  We will meet from 8:30-10:15 a.m.  Advisers are invited to attend.  Each presentation should be about 20-25 minutes with some additional time for questions.  The room is equipped for power point presentations and also has an overhead projector.  Please bring a computer with you for your presentation.


November 1

Russ Barnard: “The Implications for the Modern Phillips Relationship” (Murphy)

Carlie Ladda: “M-Pesa: The Effects of Mobile Banking on Small Businesses in Kenya” (Cichello)

Greta Ritzenthaler: “Child brides: The Causes and Repercussions of Early Marriage for Women in Uttar Pradesh, India” (Cichello)

November 3
Byeol (Ellie) Kim: “From Education to Medical Practice: An Analysis of American Healthcare Spending” (Regan)
Kanghun (Tim) Lee: “The Economic Assimilation of Migrants and Refugees in Germany” (Wagner
Kirsten Hedde: “Education Returns in Tanzania” (Nyshadham)

November 8
Election Day -- No Meeting.  Make sure you vote!

November 10

James Ledoux: “The Law of Concentrations of Crime at Place” (Maxwell)
Nicolas Barker: “Breakdown and Analysis of Uber's Surge Pricing through Price Discrimination Theory” (Maxwell)
Jai Malhotra: “Creating a More Effective Eurozone” (Valchev)

November 15
Owen Lyons: “What Drives Renewable Energy Consumption?” (Tresch)

Christopher Dalla Riva: “The Effect of Airbnb on New York City Hotels” (Tresch)

Connor Tobin: “The Legal, Economic, and Financial Motivations Behind Corporate Tax Inversions” (Tresch)

November 17
Lily Peng: “Gendered Effects: Analyzing the Employee/Supervisor Relationship in the IT and Healthcare Industries” (Olivetti)
Xufei Shen: “A Study of Different Factors Affecting Technology Transfer of CDM Projects in China” (Sweeney)

Carolyn Ruh: “The Impact of Mobile Money on Savings in Uganda” (Anukriti)

November 29
James Ahle: “Welfare in Retirement: A Cross-Country Analysis” (Rutledge)
Ryan Schnoor: “Economic Impact of Hosting the Olympics” (Quinn)
Amin Gholizadeh: “Increasing Market Efficiency Through Machine Learning” (Murphy)

December 1
Xiaojie Li: “An Evaluation of the Stock Connect Programs in China” (Baum)
Ana Grisanti
: “Venezuela: Its Fiscal Challenges and some Policy Solutions” (Baum)

Emma Dawley: “Demography in Crisis: A Cohort Analysis of Wealth and Retirement Preparedness” (Rutledge)