Schedule for Thesis Presentations, Fall 2017


All sessions are in Maloney 313.  We will meet from 8:30-10:15 a.m.  Advisers are invited to attend.  Each presentation should be about 20-25 minutes with some additional time for questions.  The room is equipped for power point presentations and also has an overhead projector.  Please bring a computer with you for your presentation.


November 6

Theodore Malone: “The Healthcare Implications of Low Fat Diets” (Regan)

November 8
Tianhang Sun: “The Impact of Air Pollution on Infant Health in California from 1990 to 2016” (Maxwell

Christophe Bernier: “Developing a Win Probability Model for Hockey” (Maxwell

Amy Jin: “Effects of Gender on Crowdfunding Behaviors” (Maxwell)

November 13

Elizabeth Kopec: “Sustainable Intergenerational Utility” (Segal)
Charles Rogan: “Private Label Entry Effect on National Brands and Food Prices” (Grubb)
Christian Wilson: “Impact of Retail Clinics On Prices for Common Physician Services” (Richardson)
Andrea Yepez: “Understanding Differing Effects of the Oil Price Drop on Ecuador and Colombia” (Murphy)

November 15
Melissa Lei: “The Effect of the One-Child Policy to Two-Children Policy in China on International Immigration” (Anukriti)

Jung Ho Lee: “Is the Korean Gender Gap Understated? Evidence from Korean Labor and Income Panel Study” (Olivetti)

Michelle Kang: “Stepping Toward Solar: The Impact of Tier Prices on Solar PV System Size” (Lewbel)

November 27
Shuang Li: “Analysis of Monetary Union Failures” (Ireland)
Erica Lindsey: “The Misguided War on Processed Food: How and How Not to Fix the American Obesity Crisis” (Quinn)

Kyle Waters: “The Impact of Geography and Startup Team Background in Venture Capital Funding” (Cox)

November 29
Mark Sullivan: “The Big Shortfall: The Impact of Pension Deficits on Municipal Bonds” (Rutledge)
Francisco Ruela: “The Impact of Child Earnings on Retirement Expectations” (Sanzenbacher)
John Hennig: “The Effect of Quantitative Easing on Yields and Asset Prices in Financial Markets” (Ireland)