Schedule for Thesis Presentations, Spring 2006


All sessions are in Campion 328. On April 4, 6, and 11 we will meet from 9:00-10:15, and on April 18, 20, 25, and 27 we will meet from 8:45-10:15.  Advisers are invited to attend.  Each presentation should be about 25 minutes.  The room is equipped for power point presentations and also has an overhead project. 


April 4


Kevin Czerniak: "The Race to the Bottom: Welfare Reform and the Response of States" (Tresch)


Jamie Lee: "Did It Work? A Look at the Effects of Welfare Reform Nearly a Decade Later" (McGowan)


April 6


Alex Chang: "A Comparison Between The East Asian Tigers And Chinese Banking Systems" (Xiao)


Melissa Cortina: "The Geographic Evolution of the American Banking Industry" (Ireland)


April 11


Niels Dragsbaek: "The Labor Supply Effects Of The 2001 Russian Flat Tax Reform" (Arnott)


Conor Larkin: "Emerging Perspectives on Metropolitan Inequality" (Arnott)


April 18


Reed Hatch: "Fertility Determinants of Developed Countries" (Munnell)


Greg Wiles: "The Transition of State Pension Plans to Defined Contribution Plans" (Munnell)


Mark Defeo: "Mood and the Stock Market: How Sporting Events Influence Investor Behavior" (Cox)


April 20


Matt Echave: "India: The Brain Drain and Outsourcing" (McLaughlin)


Tom Byrne: "Debt Relief, AIDS and economic growth in Africa" (Petersen)


Nikoleta Angelova: "Is There a Real Boom in the U.S. Housing Prices?" (Petersen)


April 25


Peter Robbins: "Court Efficiency Rating" (McGowan)


Christopher Robinson: "Tribal Casinos and Their Effect on the

Native American Population in the United States" (McGowan)


Joe D'Ascoli: "The Lure of Gambling" (McGowan)


April 27


Andrew Wallman: "The Economic Effects of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City" (Baum)


Sean Hanlon: "Poverty in Africa" (Schiantarelli)


Tim Galligan: "How Firm Size Affects Labor Growth And Productivity" (Schiantarelli)