Schedule for Thesis Presentations, Spring 2010


All sessions are in Campion 328.  We will meet from 8:45-10:15 a.m. Advisers are invited to attend.  Each presentation should be about 25 minutes.  The room is equipped for power point presentations and also has an overhead projector.



April 15
Kevin Walton: "The Mystery of Governance: Its Direct and Indirect Impact on Economic Growth" (Murphy)
James Mack: "The Resource Curse and Macroeconomic Policy" (Murphy)

Cecelia McDonald: "When the Tide Goes Out: Executive Compensation, Leverage, and Firm Performance in a Recession" (Petersen)



April 20
Kyle Butler: "An Analysis of Gambling Expansion in Massachusetts: Structure and Payoffs" (McGowan)

Jonathan Pike: "The Behavioral Economics of Energy Efficiency Measures" (McGowan)

Steven Twomey: "The State of the Beer Excise Tax: An Examination of States' Motivations for Excise Taxation Policies on Beer" (McGowan)



April 22

Joseph Duggan: "The Problem of Abortion: A Social Choice Analysis" (Segal)
Michael Stork: "A Gatekeeper's Guide to Economic Evidence in Tying Law" (Ireland)

Vishal Mahadkar: "The Feldstein and Horioka Puzzle: A Mark of Financial Strength and Opportunity, Not Immobility" (Strasser)




April 27
Michael Polark: "A Structural Break in the Colombian Coca Market" (Dvir)

Andrew Steck: "Examining the Role of Risk Appetite in a Financial Economy" (Petersen)

Jeffery Zhang: "Fiscal Policy Coordination after a Financial Crisis" (Ghironi)


April 29

Ryan Beck: "Effects of Environmental Regulation on Innovation Decisions" (Konishi)

Jason Adams: "The NBA's Revenue Sharing Scorecard: Determinants of Financial Success for Small Market Franchises" (Maxwell)
Sarah Wiewel: "Is the BCS Worth All the Fuss?  The Impact on Revenues if Division I-A College Football Implemented a Post-Season Playoff System" (Maxwell)