Schedule for Thesis Presentations, Spring 2012


All sessions are in Carney Hall, room 306.  We will meet from 8:30-10:15 a.m.  Advisers are invited to attend.  Each presentation should be about 25 minutes with some time for questions.  The room is equipped for power point presentations and also has an overhead projector. 



April 10

John Anderson: “The Role of Governance in Explaining Income Differences Across Countries” (Murphy)

Mark Cloutier: “Rethinking the Phillips Curve: A Study of Recent Inflation Dynamics in the G-7” (Murphy)

Ross Tremblay: “NFL Ticket Demand: The Movement of Prices in the Secondary Market” (Maxwell)


April 12
Mike Fernandes: “Excitement Factors in Team Success: A Comparison Across Major Professional Sports Leagues” (Murphy)

Steven Schmitt: “Private Equity Investment in Brazil: Interest Rates and Other Key Determinants of Dealflow” (McGowan)

April 17

Gabe Stacy: “The Business Cycle, the Technology Bubble, and the ‘New Economy’ of the 1990’s” (McGowan)
Mark Zimowski: “The Effect of Rising College Tuition Costs on College Demographics” (McGowan)
Kieran Mara: “A Statistical Analysis of  Municipal Bond Yield Anomalies” (Petersen)

April 19
Hanyin Cheng: “Pseudo - Endowment Effect in Penny Auctions” (Maxwell)

Margaret Connolly: “Mid-Level Providers: Limiting the Trade-Off between Quality and Cost in Health Care” (Maxwell)

Ben Stroud: Effects of High-Frequency Trading on Intraday Volatility of DJIA Components” (Maxwell)

April 24

Sam Hocking: “Money and Banking with Chinese Characteristics” (Ghironi)
Tara Sullivan: “The Political Economy of Monetary Disunion” (Ghironi)

John Maney: “Bank Liquidity during the 1893 Panic and Other Financial Crises” (Fulford)

 April 26

Lauren Marra: “The Effectiveness of Post-Crisis U.S. Government Policy:  A Look at Prices Across Asset Markets” (Ireland)

Ryan DiStefano: “Examining the Economic Impact of Patent Trolls and Patent Infringement Litigation” (Mortimer)
Collin Currao: “Potential Benefits of Legalizing Internet Gambling” (McGowan)