Schedule for Thesis Presentations, Spring 2015


All sessions are in O'Neil room 253.  We will meet from 8:30-10:15 a.m.  Advisers are invited to attend.  Each presentation should be about 20 minutes with some additional time for questions.  The room is equipped for power point presentations and also has an overhead projector.



April 7

Julia Gorman: “Leglislative Staff Size and Government Spending” (Murphy)

Joe Marin: “Convergence in the EU” (Murphy)
Tony Freiji: “College Graduation Rates and College Sports” (Murphy)

April 9

Giuliana Zaccardelli: “The Market for Prescription Drugs: A Case Study of COX-2 Inhibitors” (Regan)

Andrew Millette: “The Impact of Population Characteristics on the Effectiveness of United States Health Care Exchanges” (Regan)

April 14

Andrew Skaras: “Long-term Interest Rates in the Euro Zone” (Petersen)

George Jiranek: “Canadian-U.S. Border Effects on Pricing in the Gasoline Market” (Strasser)

Paul Davey: “The Economic and Cultural Impact of Germany's Hartz IV Reforms” (Beauchamp, Economics and Resler, German Studies)

April 16
Steven Wagner: “Privatization of  Prisons” (McGowan)
Anders Grorud: “Primary Care and Walmart” (Cichello)
Jaime Fellers: “Financial Education and Microfinance” (Cichello)

April 21

Angela Petrone: “Health Care Reform in China” (Rutledge, Li)

Daniel Neagu: “Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions in Pharmaceuticals on Drug Innovation, Healthcare Costs, and Labor Markets” (Grubb)

John Beyer: “Pay for Delay” (Grubb)

April 23
Sean Dvorak: “Peer Effects in the NHL” (Maxwell)

Clara Dawley: “The Oregon Health Experiment: The Effect of Health Insurance on Public Health” (Maxwell)

Lea Oriol: “Environmental Regulation and Innovation” (Maxwell)


April 28
Sean McBride: “Uber and Taxi Medallions” (Quinn)

Collin Anderson: “TV Ads and Competing Firms” (Mortimer)

Trevor Graney: “Divestiture in an Experimental Framework of Merger Evaluation” (Mortimer)